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“In Eureka Man, University of Pittsburgh’s award-winning prison scholar and author Patrick Middleton tells an intense and heart-wrenching story about one young man’s desperate struggle to find a life for himself while surviving in an environment so disfigured by violence and deceit that hope is difficult to find. Any book group or college course presenting theoretical explanations for criminality and deviance will have much to talk about.” Dr. Fiore Pugliano, retired film critic and faculty member, University of Pittsburgh.

Author Patrick Middleton



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  1. My name is scootter. ,Alan Hoover
    I am your cousin . I was living with you and your mom(aunt to to) and Bill McCarthy when u got in trouble many years ago My Dad name was Scottie Hoover I have read a little about what u have accomplished.
    Just wondering if i could see u ?
    Have no idear where Mike,suzanne or even huck are . I use to see huck years ago when we were both drag racing.


    1. Hi Scooter,
      This is Marta Middleton, Pat’s wife. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to answer you. I hope you are well.Pat is fine. I will tell him about your message as soon as he calls me later today. Be well and we’ll be in touch soon! You can also email him at PatMid@verizon .net and I’ll get the message MUCH faster! Best, Marta


    2. Hi, Scootter,
      Marta Middleton here. (Don’t know if there’s 1 t or 2 t’s)! I spoke with Patrick this morning and he was so happy to hear from you! There’s a lot to catch up on with his family situation so, as I mentioned, write to Pat at his email: PatMid@verizon.net and you can communicate with him privately. (I manage all his internet accounts since he is prison).
      Best regards,


    3. Scooter! What a pleasant and joyous surprise to have heard from you! How are you? And how are your Aunt Joanne and Marsha doing? Please give them my deepest regards and tell them I send my love.

      And what about my dear friend and 1st cousin, your dad, Scotty? Is he still with us? He and I were always tight, and my mother adored him-and you!

      So have you checked out any of my books? How is life treating you? How are you treating life, Scooter? We lost Huck to lung cancer back in 2009. It was devastating. He came up to see me an d say goodbye a couple of months before he died. He was living with Suzanne and she took such good care of him. Michael died in 2013 of brain cancer, Scooter. It was a tragedy. I miss them both more than I can express in words.

      Suzanne is doing well, retired from the Pentagon and enjoying her life, though she still works two part-time jobs.

      I am fine, Thank you so much for thinking of me and getting in touch. Feel free to write me back on my Facebook page as often as you’d like. My wife Marta maintains my messages from fans and friends and she posts my messages back to them.

      Take care, Cousin Scooter,
      Best, Pat


    4. Hello, Scooter. It’s been a long time since you wrote this comment. I answered yo then but got no reply. I don’t know if you’ll get this reply again. If so, feel free to contact me. It would be great to re-connect! Pat


    1. Thanks so much, Temple! Marta here..just got home from visiting with myPatrick. I’ll be sure and let him know you’ve been in touch. He values your input so highly-it’s so important to him. I hired an assistant; a young graduate from Swarthmore College who I am grooming to be Patrick’s permanent assistant (and mine) so Dilcia is handling all aspects of blogging, analytics, SEO, and connecting with relevant discussions. I’m trying to find sites that deal with issues like criminal justice and ancillary topics. We are also n the process of uploading all cover changes to Create Space so the new cover should be finished soon. I have also added your name to the interior of the ISBN page as: Cover design by Temple Emmet Williams. I’ll you a copy when it’s ready. I’ll also make sure to read your blog post about upgrading book covers and I’ll have Dilcia read it as well.

      If there is ever anything I can do for you here in the Philadelphia area, please let me know. Now I am off to your next comment! Best, Marta


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