Healing Our Imprisoned Minds

A People’s Guide to Hope and Freedom

Healing…CoverBitterness, frustration, self-anger, and the realities of prison life leave many prisoners and their families feeling hopeless. For those who have served lengthy terms and others who are facing years of incarceration, the feelings of despair can be overwhelming and never-ending. Healing Our Imprisoned Minds shows prisoners and others how to find peace of mind and meaning in their daily lives. In 29 beautifully written but practical essays and exercises, author and prisoner Patrick Middleton, Ph.D., shows readers how to dissolve their bitterness, change their perspectives, work on their flaws gradually, practice empathy, live each day with a purpose, and much more.

“Dr. Middleton’s self-help book is a must-read for those seeking practical common sense ways to improve their mind, body and outlook on life. His advice is all the more remarkable for its clarity, yet it is never heavy or boring. It simply is a pleasure to read the advice of this remarkable man.”- Ernie Preate, former PA Attorney General 


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  1. I have read many many books Healing our imprisoned minds is and still is the best book I have ever read. even after coming out of prison were I was with pat for three years I had to buy it again Desmond Blacktock


  2. Hi Doc,
    No not on my feet, but in my heart YES I still have those shoes. You were inspirational to me Pat. just getting though them 3 years was I believe God put you in my life to show me the way to let me know how lucky/blessed I was/am. It was only when I got back to England to my family and friends did I relied how blessed I am. I went back to school and now I am working as a Drug & Alcohol Worker, you and your book must get some of the credit for that. your book Healing our imprisoned minds made a big impact in/on my life.
    I THANK YOU very much for that. I will never forget you. I tell my client about you. Were are you I will write ASAP. May God bless you in everything you do.



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